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RightView Pro

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RightViewProHow it Works

RightView Pro offers a full line of training systems for baseball and softball. Our products help you focus on what all the great players do. It defines the principles that make these players the most efficient and the most successful while communicating it in an easily understood fashion. With RVP you get a complete training system for baseball and softball combining a state-of-the-art video analysis system with Major League and professional models, definable terminology, and top-notch instruction, resulting in a true understanding of the swing and pitching motions.

The Technology
RVP's video analysis system is built with state-of-the-art technology and designed specifically for baseball and softball instruction. The RVP system has proved to be the premier training solution for coaches and players. RVP keeps it simple while giving the coach or player all the tools necessary to analyze their skills with immediate feedback. Bottom line, our tools were designed by coaches and players—for coaches and players—with technology that really delivers.

The Professional Models
The true power of the RVP system is its ability to compare student skills against the very best players in the game. RVP is the only analysis system licensed to use Major League Baseball players as well as professional and Olympic softball players as models. See the best to be your best—all the professional models are shot from consistent angles for complete and accurate comparisons.

RightViewProCommon Terminology
RVP established a consistent vocabulary definable on video—to help players and coaches get on the same page.

The Instruction
Now you'll have access to the same instruction as the pros—hundreds of years of coaching experience consolidated and delivered by the top coaches in the country. RVP doesn’t just give you the tools to analyze your video; we show you how to use them to illustrate the key positions and measure the movements throughout the motion. Coaches and players agree. RVP has covered all the bases to create a new standard for baseball and softball instruction. The purpose was not to invent anything in the swing or pitching motion but to develop a better way to see, understand, and teach what the best players do.

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