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Practice Baseball Year-round!

Tunnels and Cages

Replay Sports offers 5 tunnels, 9 cages and multiple pitching lanes with spacious areas for both individual and team rentals.

We offer the latest baseball equipment by supplying each tunnel with high-quality variable speed pitching machines that can throw curves and sliders, an L-screen, astro-turf pitching mound and other equipment that allows players and instructors to make the most of their training experience.

*Baseballs and bats are provided.

Practice baseball at Replay Sports n Training


Dramatically realistic game-like environment.
Practice is more efficient, productive, economical and fun!

Our Baseball Video Simulators are the premier video pitching simulator in the world for baseball. Operated by a touch screen controller and containing a video front of an actual pitcher, it delivers Major League quality pitches thrown to multiple positions both within and outside the strike zone at speeds between 60 and 100 MPH.

It throws virtually any pitch that a pitcher can throw, including rising fastballs, sinkers, cutters, split finger fastballs, curves, sliders and changeups which permit a hitter to simulate game-like conditions in a batting cage. The simulator can be manually operated or programmed to deliver a specific pre-selected sequence of pitches.

Age Levels: 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, High School, College, Pro and Master.

Programmed to consistently hit 9 spots in the strike zone and 4 outside for improving strike zone recognition.

Instructor-led Hitting

Replay Sports offers individual and small group instruction in baseball and softball. Instruction covers hitting, pitching, catching, fielding (infield/outfield), base-running (sliding techniques), and throwing mechanics. Video Analysis is included. You’ll see instant video feedback of your swing and throw. Compare yourself side-by-side with pro players, other players or yourself.

    • Calculate the pitching speed in MPH from your existing video.
    • Calculate bat speed from video.
    • Overlay two videos on top of one another.
    • Side by side comparison of any two videos.

Replay Sports stores your video so you can come back at any time to compare current and past video.
When you’re HOT, video your effective pitch or swing.
When you’re NOT, video your ineffective pitch or swing.
Compare videos to see where improvements can be made.

Facility Layout

Indoor Baseball Training Facility in Ashburn Virginia
Click to View Layout
Rates and Reservations
We’re interested in buying your used equipment.
We also repair and refurbish gloves:
Options for Glove Re-lacingFielder's GlovesCatchers/1st base mitts
Complete Glove
(heel, web, top of web, fingers & palm lacing)
Pinky and thumb lace$7-
Heel of glove only$12$17
Fingers only$12-
Fingers and web$28-
Web, top of web$20$25
Palm lacing$15$23
Glove conditioning$6$8

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